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Winter Is Coming, So Now's The Time to Hire a Great Window Replacement Contractor in New Jersey

For someone trying to stay warm and keep their heating bills down, their home's windows can be one of the biggest problems. Typical windows lose more energy per square foot during the winter than any other area in a home.  In an area like here in the northeast, with harsh winters, literally hundreds of dollars per month can be lost to poorly-insulated windows. Collectively, billions of dollars are wasted every year in this fashion.

So if your home still has older, single-pane style windows, it's definitely time to look for a window replacement contractor in New Jersey. When you choose the Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, you'll know that you're getting top-quality windows selected from the best and most energy-efficient options on the market!

Choose Magnolia When Looking for Window Replacement Contractor in New Jersey

We can talk you through all your options in energy-saving replacement windows, including:

  • Double-pane, which automatically increases insulation significantly over single-pane windows.

  • Argon- or Krypton-filled windows, which use inert and nontoxic gases between the frames for greater insulation.

  • Low-E glass, with a special coating that reflects infrared light away from the surface.

  • Insulated frames, for reducing the amount of heat lost around the window, as well as preventing drafts.

  • Double-strength glass, to add extra survivability during extreme weather such as hailstorms.

  • And more!

Combined, we can offer window installations which have some of the best ratings in the industry for U-Value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. That means warmer homes and lower costs for years to come.

The type of window doesn't matter either. From small bathroom windows, to large French door installations, we can ensure every window in your home is operating at peak efficiency. These custom-fit windows can even improve the look of your home, with our range of frames to choose from.

An Investment That Keeps Paying Off Year After Year

Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is one window replacement contractor in New Jersey which stands by all the work it does. We pride ourselves on hiring top craftsmen who want to do every job right the first time. Customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities, and our long list of testimonials shows it.  

We also offer full warranty protections.  We have our own in-house warranty covering the work we do, and we also support the manufacturers' warranties for the products we carry. This means that a new set of energy-efficient windows won't just save you money this winter - they'll keep paying off for years, or even decades, to come.  

Don't wait until cold weather hits. Contact the Magnolia Home Improvement Group today for a free estimate for new window installations!