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Basement Remodeling from Magnolia: A Cost-Effective Way to Add Usable Space to Your Home

If you find yourself lacking space in your home, and would like to add new features such as a lounge, game room, or spare bedroom, basement remodeling might be the solution!  Cost effective basement remodeling for NJ homes is a popular and affordable option to take a part of the house which is currently under-utilized, and refit it to be far more useful.

The best part is, your options are almost unlimited.  If you currently have an unfinished basement, or only use it for storage, it could be remodeled into any kind of space you might want at reasonable prices!


Understanding Your Options in Cost Effective Basement Remodeling for NJ Homes

At Magnolia Home Remodeling, we want to make sure that you are fully informed before making any decisions about what to do with your basement space.  So, before we begin any basement remodeling, we start by giving you a free basement renovation consultation.  We go over the space with you, take a look at what features are and aren't there, and talk with you about your ideas for the room.

We don't want to proceed until we have a firm plan of action for remodeling it into the basement you

want, with the features needed to make it a reality!

From there, we can remake it as you see fit.  We have multiple methods for providing wall insulation, drywall, paint, lighting, flooring, and more.  Do you want your basement to feel like a connected part of the rest of your house?  Or do you want it to be its own separate space?  Whatever you want to see happen, we can accommodate.

Assuming space allows, we could even refurbish the basement to be its own mini apartment - kitchen, bathroom, and whatever other fixtures are called for.  It's your basement, and we want to see it developed as you want.


Don't Let Valuable Space in Your Home Go Under-Used

Typically, a house's basement contains around 1/3 of the entire space within a house - yet so often, it's left unfinished or only used for storage.  Why let your basement be a waste of space, when it has so much potential?  Cost effective basement remodeling for NJ homes is far less expensive than adding onto a home above-ground, while allowing you to truly make the most of the property you own.

Not to mention, a fully-finished and furnished basement can add significantly to its market value, if you decide to sell in the future!

With more than 25 years of service, Magnolia Home Remodeling has the experience you need to see your perfect furnished basement become a reality.  To start the process, contact us today for an estimate!