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Searching for a Roofing Contractor in NJ (New Jersey)? Magnolia Home Remodeling Group Introduces Homeowners to IKO Roofing Products

Self-proclaimed as the standard in roofing products for New Jersey homeowners, IKO is known for providing enhanced protection, environmental sustainability, and unparalleled performance. That is why Magnolia Home Remodeling Group offers homeowners two popular IKO roofing products: the IKO Cambridge Architectural Shingles and the IKO Premium Designer Shingles.

When installing your IKO roofing in New Jersey, Magnolia Home Remodeling Groups is sure the installation is performed to the highest standard. Moreover, all Magnolia Home Remodeling Roofing services and IKO roofing products come with a warranty should shingles require maintenance or stop working to the highest standard.

IKO Cambridge Shingles

NJ residents that require roofing replacement services should consider IKO’s Cambridge Shingles as they will increase the curb appeal of any home by adding an architectural accent to any roof. Very versatile in nature, the IKO Cambridge can offer something for anyone, whether they are looking to add a classic style or a contemporary class to their residence. Additionally, the Cambridge Shingles also come in a huge variety of colors ranging from vibrant to subtle hues.

IKO Premium Designer Shingles

When it comes to premium designer shingles, IKO Premium manufactures three distinct types: Armourshake, Crowne Slate, and Royal Estate. Although each of the premium line of shingles offers top-of-the-line technology every shingle is unique in nature and offers different benefits.

Armourshake: Armourshake presents homeowners with the ability to create the appearance of a wooden shake roof with the same intricate designs and subtleties as authentic cedar without the hassle of routine maintenance. In addition, the Armourshake also features deflection technology to prevent the harshness of both algae and sunlight.

Crowne Slate: Crowne Slate shingles, on the other hand, offer an effortless fit for any roof thanks to their distinct individual pieces that require minimum blending. Moreover, to match the stone exterior of any home, Crown Slate pieces are chosen to simulate the color perfectly. Although Crowne Slate isn’t authentic slate, impressive colors and long lasting quality will ensure that nobody can tell the difference.

Royal Estate: As one of the easiest shingles to install on the market, Royal Estate eliminating the difficulty and hassle of traditional slate products while imitating the look of luxury. Royal Estate shingles also come in a range of colors and prevent UV rays/discoloration from algae.

Magnolia Home Remodeling recommends IKO as a reliable, professional, and certified roof system that will perform as promised.